Fetish and bowl

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Another possible interpretation is that the heartline gives the fetish healing or medicinal power. Turquoise, coral, and amber are usually more expensive than more common dolomite, serpentine, jet or antler. Questions to ask when selecting fetishes What creature does it represent? Whenever a hunt is successful, the fetishes which gave that success are allowed the first ceremonial feeding of the game animal. Some of these newer stones are malachite, marble, travertine, serpentine, and anything else that is carvable. Southwest tribal miniature carvings that some say are imbued with spirit forces.

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Fetishes may be dusted with a soft, dry cloth.

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Spirit of Santa Fe

Fetishes may be used in many ways, either by the individual or by the whole tribe: This book, first published inhas a recently added introduction by Tom Bahti. While traditional natural materials such as turquoise, coral, shell, and jet are still being used, many new stones are also being carved. They are considered more powerful and were formerly thought to be ancient animals or people turned to stone. The Great Spirit sent a bolt of lightning that turned all man-eating animals into stone. Home Site Map Copyright Help.

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fetish and bowl
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fetish and bowl
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