Where did the latins build a new community by 700bc

The West Italic languages were thus spoken in limited and isolated areas, whereas the "East Italic" group comprised the Oscan and Umbrian dialects spoken over much of central and southern Italy. Etruria's influence over the cities of Latium and Campania weakened, and the area was taken over by Romans and Samnites. Despite the hard childhood, Baius reign began well and his unstable character did not manifest itself immediately. Soldiers carried their own equipment "Marius' Mules". The tribune Curio, having been bribed by Caesar, suggested both Caesar and Pompey step down at the same time.

The generals and Praetorian Gaurd frightened Nerva into adopting the son of the commander of the Rhine army, Trajan, as his heir as protection against a coup.

Roman expansion in Italy

Excavations continued on a very small scale. The Licinian Sextian laws drastically eased the Plebian-Patritian tensions. The salvage work had to be curtailed while Vesuvius violently erupted for seven days in A. Tyrrhenus gave his name to the Tyrrheniansthe alternative name for the Etruscans. The first mandate was to put down Lepidus, which he did successfully.

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