Nerve and facial nerve

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Imaging plays a critical role in the evaluation of a number of facial nerve disorders. Facial nerve Cranial nerve VII. In Moebius syndrome, a constructive interference in steady-state CISS sequence can assist in early diagnosis by demonstrating the absence of the facial nerve [ 27 ]. At the stylomastoid foramen. The approach to removing a VS for hearing preservation requires cutting the facial nerve. Facial canal between nerve to stapedius and leaving of chorda tympani Ipsilateral facial plegia, decreased salivary secretion, ageusia to anterior two-thirds of the ipsilateral part of the tongue.

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Axial CT image c shows the fracture involving the otic capsule and basal turn of the cochlea arrowhead.

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It begins as two roots; a large motor rootand a small sensory root the part of the facial nerve that arises from the sensory root is sometimes known as the intermediate nerve. People may suffer from acute facial nerve paralysiswhich is usually manifested by facial paralysis. Anatomic variations and anomalies involving the facial canal. Facial canal between the internal acoustic meatus and the geniculate ganglion Ipsilateral facial plegia, decreased secretion of saliva and tears, hyperacusis and ageusia to anterior two-thirds of the ipsilateral part of the tongue. Note blood products in the middle ear cavity asterisks. The nerve is reconnected to raise the droop in the face. International Journal of Otolaryngology.

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nerve and facial nerve
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nerve and facial nerve
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