Plasic suffocation fetish

Plastic bimbo Nicolette Shea has all the curves you can wish for. The video was as perfect as he could have hoped. Nylon mask and skyhigh heels. Suffocating mask for lusty girl. Sure enough they pull in right behind him. The lack of oxygen, and Rachel force stimulating his cock head, heightened his orgasm to such a high level he never knew existed!

As Bob turned down the street he lived on, he saw the same car turn right behind him.

‘plastic bag suffocation’ stories

Amateur chubby wife in a steamy bondage sextape. Bob, with no air not even to re-breathe, wildly squirmed and jerked and bucked underneath Christy, sending her to the edge of orgasm and beyond. Bob starts bucking his hips into Rachel's mouth while frantically struggling for precious air. As he is driving along heading home, he glances into his rear view mirror and notices the car with those three young women are right behind him. That of course makes Bob feel a tiny bit worried but being the man he is, plays along with their game. This was the same man who'd knocked her unconscious and kidnapped her.

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