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Nodding the intruder gritted his teeth to supress the loud moan of pleasure he threatened to let out as Lara slowly run her tongue along the underside of his cock, humming against his veiny shaft she then latched her lips around the underside of his length slowly running her mouth from base to tip getting a good taste of him "hmmm, you've got a nice thick flavour to you, at least I won't hate doing this" she commented before taking his cock deep into her skill mouth and throat. You can't…" "I said get in the chair" Lara asserted Pistol whipping the burglar in the back of the head making him cry out and stumble before she wound her heel around his shin, using the motion to trip him up as she spun him around by his shoulder causing him to fly back into the nearest chair in a heap, pressing her Pistol back to his head to keep him in place she then forced his arms onto the arm rests with her free hand securing the bindings to trap him in place With the intruder securely tied down Lara then moved to stand in front of him lowering her weapon "what are you going to do to me? Lara couldn't help but smirk as she watched him hop around on one foot as he tried to find another way to open the safe, the man couldn't have looked more stereotypical if he tried, black hoodie, grey pants, combat boots and a balaclava, it was like he had walked straight off of a cheesy movie set to try to rob her, shaking her head Lara decided that enough was enough and it was time to be rid of the bumbling intruder walking up to him and pressing her Pistol to the back of his head making him freeze on the spot "yeah, you know what that is, turn around, slowly". I'm naked and you caught me during a wet dream, now do you understand what I mean? That people can break into my house unpunished? If I wasn't so fucking horny I'd have made you pay for those words" she growled as she ground down on his dick. Gulping as he raised his hands the intruder slowly turned around before freezing when he realized that Lara was naked alongside having a gun pressed to his head "look lady don't do anything rash now, I can leave and we can pretend none of this ever happened" he tried to reason which her as well as trying to not blatantly stare at her tits out of fear of invoking her anger.

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Taking hold of his shoulders Lara slowly began to gyrate her hips moaning loudly as his cock pressed hard against all of her sweet spots "fuck that's good, you better be enjoying this because this is the last pussy you're going to be getting for a long time" she breathed squeezing tight around him as her breasts started to bounce in time to her movements.

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Reaching into her bedside table drawer Lara drew the Pistol she kept stashed there before reluctantly climbing out of bed to begin her weary routine of dealing with the latest intruder, the loud crashes and shuffling coming from downstairs making it obvious were the guy was as Lara carefully crept down the stairs and towards one of her many trophy rooms, her pert breasts bouncing slightly with every step she took. Bunch of monsters of different races are fucking our heroine Lara Croft in a mysterious cave. Poor Lara, I guess that was painful of course, this all is fiction and nothing did and will not happen ever. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Leading the intruder out of the trophy room Lara kept her firearm pressed to the back of his head as she forced him down towards the basement stairs, smiling to herself at the little mumbles and whimpers he let out every time she gave his head a little jab with her gun to remind him not to make any sudden moves "where are you taking me? Archer Sex Video Your review has been posted.

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