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This confirms that yes, they are indeed going nowhere fast. We pass through upbound and down bound shipping channels. I sit on the galley floor shoved in between the ladder and the stove using my feet to press my back into the galley drawers. They shine shockingly white. I have no good reason for why this is my favorite holiday aside from it is a zero-pressure holiday.

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I force down some bites of lasagna desperate to regain energy, to keep my mind moving and my eyes open.

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I start to think about space. But biremes and triremes were specialized ancient Mediterranean craft - warships specifically - and very different from, for example, merchant vessels. I feel dehydration and loath drinking water because going pee is a difficult task. We try to settle into 4 hour shifts. I go down below to try and rest. I balance on my ass and count how long I can do this before I have to use an appendage to break my fall. And it plunked itself on the bow of the boat.

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