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Often her inspiration comes from small moments in far away places. The question becomes why that was mentioned. I have tried to sign off from receiving follow-up FIVE times. I never heard about her again—until last week, when a reader sent me a link to this image from her Instagram page: No, wait, I can guess - it's the kid's karma, or else their parents passing on their untreated "emotional" problems.

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Actually I've always had a bit of an aversion to secondary sources; I mean, I read the relevant ones, obviously, but I've never really been one to pore over and memorize and rave about them.

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The resultant project examines the links between image and sound, culminating in a visual story composed of fixed plans gradually disappearing in progressive crossfades. Dunning-Kruger and so forth. What these stories all had in common was the portrayal of young Australian woman named Carissa Gleeson, who was unfortunate enough to have developed a nasty cancer but, in the manner of patients providing alternative cancer cure testimonials, decided that she didn't want chemotherapy and that she would cure herself "natural therapies. The program dismissed Young Master Jake because due to the fact he could not find a way to force the data to fit his agenda. Do PhD student get to choose the subject of their quals or it is handed multiple choice maybe from the PhD comity? Melissa Stigler and Melissa Harrell are were Jake's academic advisors.

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