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And of course, when we get so excited, I just drop my pajamas and I love to masturbate while he squeezes my nipples and we keep kissing. I could never even come close to deep throating my guy till I tried this trick, but it worked fantastic! Not only does it get the taste out of your mouth, but if you're not used to sucking very hard the coldness sooths your throat. Needless to say I watch plenty of porn. As for reducing your gag reflex, this takes time and comes from slowly desensitizing yourself. Thank your girl for making you feel so good!

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I said as long as she loves me and is going home w me.

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Say Aaah! How To Get Comfortable With Swallowing

That way when he blows it, you won't taste it at all and practically won't even know he came. Doggy Style Positions 4. So, in order to get you to try it, your man may have to sweeten the deal a little — literally! And contine not long as he cant take it haha???????? I do prefer a black mans cum over a white mans tho, Idk why I just think that black guys have a much thicker cum load and it tastes much much stronger wich I just love, If Im gonna swallow anothers mans load then I want it to taste like a REAL man!!! Prepare your mind for a huge load all the time and even when you gag still swallow.

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how to enjoy cum
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how to enjoy cum
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