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She recalled that she had further and further started to admire the beauty of the blonde magician, and now here she was, in her room, a real incarnation. This time, she did smile. She sat up as she threw her sheets off her, and saw that her bed, legs, and panties were drenched in a sticky liquid. She played with that breast, then moved on to the other to pleasure Mai there as well, continuing for a few moments. Afterwards, Dark Magician Girl broke their kiss, and gave Mai a sexy smirk. Instead, her gaze was directed at a lower angle, at her chest.

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When it did, she immediately pulled her hand away, slightly frightened.

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And the double penetration with her staff that, riding on it and touching her clit to hers, resulted in a wild orgasm. The glowing card came from the top of a small stack. Their cum squirted onto the others' midsection and thighs, some even landing on their stomach and breasts. Every night, Mai would watch herself undress down to her panties, something she herself admitted was a little strange. As their tongues danced, Dark Magician Girl slowly lowered Mai back down to her bed. As they did this for a few minutes, both could feel themselves approaching their orgasm, coming closer as they moved down on the staff, thrusting nearer and nearer until finally, their wet cores touched.

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