Chrisitan views on masturbation

Not only was there "inconsistency, contradiction and even incoherence" in the Church's doctrines but the researchers' work has led to the insight that the tradition itself is "not the truth guarantor of any particular teaching. However, Buddhism could agree with contemporary medical opinion that masturbation is a normal expression of the sexual drive and is physically and psychologically harmless, as long as it does not become a preoccupation or a substitute for ordinary sexual relations. Women were encouraged to practice massaging techniques upon themselves, but were also instructed to avoid thinking sexual thoughts if experiencing a feeling of pleasure. Everything is granted to mebut I will not let anything take power over me. For you, live near Jesus so that you do not risk going wrong. It should not be stigmatised.

Balswick, in her book, Authentic Human Sexuality:

Is masturbation wrong?

Furthermore, the ease of reaching orgasm through masturbation frequently spawns an addictive pattern. Should We or Shouldn't We? Discipline and Salvation in Shenoute of Atripe. But, is it sinful? Let me assure you, I am not trying to give young Christian men a problem if they don't have one. Every day they are helping the devil to increase this misery with their pressures and compulsion.

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