Constipation after anal fistula surgery

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Moist toilettes or baby wipes are preferred. Anal Fistulas are tracks that develop, frequently as the result of an infection, in the layers of the muscle or in fatty layers of tissue involving the area of the anus. While anorectal surgery is generally well tolerated, short- and long-term complications frequently occur. Patients with moderate or severe strictures who have failed conservative management require surgical intervention. Video of the Day. Other Acute Complications Thrombosed hemorrhoids and fissures following anorectal surgery have been described by several papers 1 2 3 4 5 18 19 and are likely related to local tissue trauma, injection of local anesthetic with epinephrine, and constipation.

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Fecal incontinence can also occur after PPH, and is usually related to a low-placed staple line or by injury to the internal sphincter due to the large diameter of the circular stapler.

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After Anal and Rectal Surgery

Incidences of these complications in all the studies reviewed are very low although possibly underreportedso it is hard to make meaningful conclusions about true risks and preventive strategies. A longitudinal incision is made from the dentate line to the end of the stenosis. Pain medication should be taken on an as needed basis. See below for bowel regimen. These wounds take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely. Delayed bleeding is defined as bleeding reported up to 2 weeks postprocedure, and is more often related to infection or local trauma.

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constipation after anal fistula surgery
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constipation after anal fistula surgery
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