Sims 2 nudist hack

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I'll try it out. But the signs beaviour make it a bit more complicated - the sign scans all 30 minutes for eligible sims. Hell it took me a couple of months to discover what WooHoo was! You must have University or a newer EP for this to work. Otherwise, do not download it!

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Just the idea that a naked sim exists inside the clothes would be enough for the prudes to call for an adults only label.

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Nude skins for sims 2

Yes, in the Body Shop method, it's possible! For now I would advice not to use other signs then room signs on apartment lots. Load your project with the name you gave it. But any way here is the cheat if you want to know. And if they did get naked, they would notice they are naked and get dressed. I will remember this as an option for future releases, but it wont be soon. If you use always get naked what do you expect.

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