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Last summer, flush from the unprecedented success of their two albums and tour and feeling that Sony got a hell of a lot more than it originally bargained for when it signed the group to a six-album contract inthe Dixie Chicks called for a renegotiation. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Natalie Maines is a small woman with a really big voice. That one we chose kind of early on. Buck that fitch and the rest of her skank posse too! Hell, throw in a binge, a temper tantrum, a string of one-night stands and a couple of on-stage vomit-fests and the Dixie Chicks might have an image that somewhat resembles country music. She does have excellent taste in guitars though, it is even a "conservative" guitar, unlike a "liberal" Martin.

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How many still love the fat little Dixie chick (Natalie Maines)?

Buck that fitch and the rest of her skank posse too! Originally Posted by Pat Bahahahaha "The number one problem with America is, a whole lot of people need shot, and nobody is shooting them. The Maines family name has been well known on the Lubbock scene for decades. Two non-surprises out of her. Skip to main content.

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natalie maines chubby
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