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But not only did it stick, it actually oozed up her hand and arm. Part of the fascination is simply being culturally exposed to characters like Lara Croft…[In relation to quicksand fetishes], the notion of being smothered or trapped is universal in the sense that it exists to greater and lesser degrees all over. This interest in manifestations of domination and submission applies to people worldwide. They draw it out of us or provide a vessel for us to pour it into. However, A admitted he was also a quicksand fetishist.

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Like Vicki was wearing latex gloves or something.

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Quicksand with Vanessa Cage

She felt like she was sinking into it; no matter how much she struggled, the pull was inexorable. This behaviour refers to sexual arousal derived from poetry. She managed to climb out without help, which was good, because she was covered head to toe in thick, sticky muck. Bowling a maiden over: With an effort, she calmed herself. This highly influential period of age eight through adolescence is also probably for many a prime time for the ingestion of the bizarre imagery and situations contained in video games and cartoons, which often also incorporate sexualized heroines. Like wild animals were just waiting for them out there beyond the edge of the path.

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