Warcraft priest shadow spell penetration

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Everything else is non-binary. I also want to maintain a weekly webcomic, which I have a bunch of scripts already written for. Comment by brainclutter — December 31, However, against targets with resistances, spell penetration is a powerful and, in terms of item valuescheap stat. You can increase your chance to hit through talents, such as the priest class talent in the Shadow Magic talent tree, Shadow Focus. Click here for more information on the difference between spell schools and spell lines. Your spell school resistances increases the chance that you will resist spells of a given spell school.

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No matter how much spell penetration the caster has, his spell's resist check will always be done as if the target had 15 resistance.

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What is the Shadowpriest hit cap and spell pen cap in pvp!

It shows, based on mitigation percent, the chances of a spell being: This boss resistance means that a part of your damage will be reduced unless you find ways to reduce the enemys resistance. Official General Discussion forum US. Ideally, a caster should have exactly as much spell penetration as necessary to lower the target's resistance to zero. You are attacking mobs two levels higher than you are that have no special spell resistances to speak of. I suggest reading this:

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warcraft priest shadow spell penetration
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warcraft priest shadow spell penetration
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