Bisexual husbands chatroom

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The Moderator doesn't always play "nice-nice" Parkers and Strollers are Welcome! However—what I DO miss is feeling like the outward picture of my life better represented my internal life. I realized in my late 20's I adore women as much as men. The "cheated" part comes from feeling guilty that I pass as straight and get all the societal benefits that go along with it. I finally game myself permission to be myself and admit that yes I am a bisexual woman.

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I'm bisexual and have known that my entire life.

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I didn't want to alienate her OR my family. Took me 2 years to figure out my new husband is bisexual with a lot of kink while I have always been vanilla. What sort of things does your significant other do to make you feel accepted and like you can be yourself? No ugly talk,sarcastic remarks,decent profile pics. Well, if ethical non-monogamy is ever an option for some folks. I'm going to pass on this term to him, hopefully it takes off in our community. It's certainly more friendly than "alphabet soup" as a activist friend sometimes refers to it in jest.

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