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The campers then run to the edge of the lake, where the tentacled monster captures them. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 4. In an unnamed city, siblings McGee and Suzi are waiting for the bus for Camp Sunny Smileswhere they will be spending their summer vacation. Eager to win B more…. That night, everyone is gathered around a campfire as they roast food above the fire.

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It first aired on July 4, with the episode " Rise of the Bottom Dwellers.

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Escape From Camp Lakebottom

A picture of the event is taken, and is sent to McGee's mom in the form of a postcard, and McGee writes about how he is going to have the best summer ever at Camp Lakebottom. Before Buttsquat lets the campers spit seeds at McGee, Gretchen and Squirt, the zombie, sasquatch, and lunch lady now covered in seaweed scare the campers away and the zombie tells Buttsquat to leave their campers alone, before making the tentacled monster move the cage onto Buttsquat, who faints. Why you should watch Sally4Ever, Madam Secretary and more. The campers then run to the edge of the lake, where the tentacled monster captures them. He uses Gretchen's phone to call Suzi, but she ignores him. Add to Watchlist Added. He then sees the monsters chasing them in their own boat, causing McGee and Gretchen to row faster, but the sasquatch orders the tentacled monster to stall the campers.

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camp lakebottom gretchen hot
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camp lakebottom gretchen hot
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