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Family seeking all within themselves. As much as she hated herself for it, she was desperate for more semen to gorge on. Unknown to them they were both being watched mentally that is "She seems nice, I like her" said Malions mom as she looked into Lillians mind "I like her too honey, but can you help me with this" responded Malions dad as he pointed to his raging erection to which his mate only chuckled and jumped on him, she kissed him and planted his dragonhood in her pussy "My my, getting horny on watching your son being watched masturbating, honey you're something out of this world" she laughed and kissed him as they continued to influence the course of events Lillian was horny herself and watching a Dragon masturbate didn't help that one bit so she put her hand beneath her dress and into her black panties 'not the best position to mas He definitely has warmed up to you. It's embarrassing enough for me to be here like this without you A human princess befriends a dragon, but more then friendship comes out of that relationship.

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Once she had eaten every chip and glob she could find, she laid back with her hand on her mostly-full stomach.

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Toothless had taken the liberty of hardening it up by licking the cock whole, slurping from side to side and giving more than expected attention to his balls. Toothless rolled his eyes. Groaning away, Hiccup threw his head back and enjoyed their lust filled passion; the need of mating. Marian tried to keep her movements to only the necessary minimum, hoping she could outlast her tormenters, as they were the ones truly exerting themselves, but this turned out to be and meaningless attempt, as she was exhausted long before they were. Marian gave a sigh of relief from the sight before her as she woke up. Did he break the chair accidentally when no one was around?

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