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At the early stages of 'sickness' the responsibility for care and treatment is wholly on family and household members. The redness not confined to one spot but spread over the whole limb. When it is cooked, put about 2 inches of the liquid into a glass to be drunk. As evidence for this fact they point to the skulls which are secreted in well-known rock crevices, which all have well-preserved teeth. If it was decided that the patient had a 'ghost sickness' Fatu might pronounce immediately on the cause, or else call upon his familiar to speak through his mouth, telling of what he saw. Hentai girl with glasses gets fucked rough. An example of this, witnessed by a number of people, had occurred in the community some years previously.

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Although they leave a living body at, or shortly after the body's death, they will tend to remain in the vicinity of where the body is buried. When I knew them there was nothing in their calm, apparently placid relationship which called for comment of any kind from others in the community, and I neglected to pursue the matter any further. They never consulted together on particular cases, since the accepted etiquette demanded that a patient should try the resources of one tahu'a at a time before moving on, if necessary, to ask another for help. The eyes and ears should be bathed with the medicine, and some given to the patient to drink. Similarly, he'a appears to have connotations of dryness associated with all of its manifestations. Give some to drink, and also bathe the whole body with it.

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