Magnification to see sperm

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Ken NattonAug 2, The microscope uses a 15W bulb. These microscopes are used when breeding animals or for examining human fertility. I got mine from Amazon: Particularly if it's the first class after lunch. Last edited by a moderator:

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Actually Fredrik, that is quite interesting.

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Sperm under Microscope

My issue is not lack of detail — I am trying to understand why so many sperm are motionless. According to this site human sperms are about 2. Aug 2, 3. If your microscope is a very cheap one, I suppose it might be possible that it is so poorly designed that the light generates a lot of heat on the slide — I suppose the clue would be that the slide itself quickly becomes hot to the touch. The micro objects in the semen need to be covered with slides. You should be able to see them at x according to this site or x from here and at x you should be able to detect sperm morphology according to these guys. You'll need a compound scope with a phase condenser.

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magnification to see sperm
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magnification to see sperm
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