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She had lips like a puffer fish. The clitoris had a stranger name, but was more familiar. But there seems to be a pervasive fear that talking about sex will encourage teenagers to have sex. Of course, you can easily opt out at any time, but we're confident that you won't. We discussed birth control. The feeling was intense and sudden, and I could feel a ball of energy ping up to my head and back down to my genitals within a matter of seconds. Email Address Sign up Error message.

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These days sex is exciting because I know how it's going to feel -- I can anticipate the pleasure at hand -- but then, all the excitement was wrapped up in ignorance, in not knowing how anything was going to feel.

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The First Orgasm (and Other Revelations)

The best I can describe how this felt is this: According to Advocates for Youthsince the U. Everything was fading and rising dusty pink behind my eyes, and then I wanted to yell, but I didn't. I recognized its tiny fleshy bulge and the shiny, angry looking bulb hiding inside it. So I started, using my fingers on my clitoris, sometimes for what seemed like hours at a time. I knew the correct anatomical names for the different parts comprising my genitals except for the G-spotbut that was about it.

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stories young girls first orgasm
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