OpenSSL — multiple vulnerabilities. GitLab — two vulnerabilities. PHP — denial of service attack. ImageMagick — heap overflow vulnerability. FreeBSD — bhyve 8 virtual machine escape. Ansible — Command execution on Ansible controller from host.

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EM not always honored for x86 HVM guests. Multiple exploitable heap-based buffer overflow vulnerabilities exists in FreeXL 1.

FreeBSD — Information leak in kldstat 2. Salt — information disclosure. Git — Execute arbitrary code. OpenSSL — multiple vulnerabilities. Drupal Code — Multiple Vulnerabilities. PuTTY — integer overflow permits memory overwrite by forwarded ssh-agent connections. Ruby — unsafe tainted string vulnerability. OpenVPN — two remote denial-of-service vulnerabilities.

FreeBSD VuXML – CVE name index

FreeBSD — Multiple ntp vulnerabilities. OpenSSL — Multiple vulnerabilities in 1. Privilege escalation in PV guests. Sanitize — XSS vulnerability. The current Nviidia document that serves as the source for the content of this site can be found:.


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Loofah nvjdia XSS vulnerability. Cacti — Cross-site scripting XSS vulnerability in link. BIND — multiple vulnerabilities. RT — two XSS vulnerabilities. OpenSSL — Cache timing vulnerability. ImageMagick — heap overflow vulnerability.

RHSA initscripts security update (Moderate)

OpenVPN — several vulnerabilities. Django — information leakage.

nvvidia Python — Integer overflow in zipimport module. Jupyter Notebook — vulnerability. Irssi — multiple vulnerabilities. VLC — Possibly remote code execution via crafted file.

SquirrelMail — post-authentication access privileges. OpenSSL — timing vulnerability. PHP — multiple vulnerabilities. KeePassX — information disclosure. PHP — denial of service attack. GitLab — multiple vulnerabilities.

WPA packet number reuse with replayed messages and key reinstallation. FreeBSD — 20061279 bounds checking in bhyve 8 device model. FreeBSD — ipfilter 4 fragment handling panic.