It is possible to enter the MAC or IP addresses individually or choose them from the list of client devices in the local network. Do not use the phones connected to the device during lightening storms. However, a single channel is enough to establish an ADSL connection. In the WAV Firewall menu, you can also define advanced rules to limit or block the Internet access of any local user. You can reconnect after the router comes back up. Yes, you can use your parallel phone line.

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The following dialog will follow.

Wireless ADSL2+ VoIP Router

uxb A sequence of animated instructions will guide you through the cabling of your WAV router. Fill in the following fields: QoS Quality of Service gives priority to certain types of data packets being transferred between a local network and the Internet. In this window set the necessary values to access your router via SNMP. This amount is too small to fill your quota.

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SIPPhone will first email you a confirmation link. If Port Forwarding is defined for that port, the incoming traffic is redirected to a machine inside the local network that has only a local IP address.

Enter the phone number and the name you would like people you airtiez to see in the corresponding fields.


It is important that you enter your email address correctly since your account details will be sent to this email address. The Internet addresses that are a source of malicious attacks are permanently blocked from accessing your network.

To do this, the parties being called must also have their phones connected to a WAV Select the access point s you would like to include in the Mesh network by checking the corresponding box es. The information that is needed in the WAV configuration is as follows: The contacts can be searched by typing into the ‘Search by name’ field. You can find payment instructions for your VoIP operator on their related web page. The Airries interface is Mbps full dublex.

Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape.

For a more current list and set-up details visit http: Is the airtirs quality as good as a normal phone’s? The search is incrementally done as you type characters into the text box.

Although it’s a risky method, you can open and forward all the ports for a certain client at once with DMZ to resolve access problems resulting from firewall or NAT settings. The Warranty does not cover failure or damage resulting from not following the instructions in the manual.

Up to 30 such entries can be populated.

If dust buildup should occur, use a dry cloth to remove the dust. Is it secure to make phone calls over the Internet? In the window that appears select a Security level and enter an encryption key in the password field. Group interval is the re-key period expressed in seconds. This prevents that client machine from joining the WAV wireless network.


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With Port Forwarding, the incoming traffic is redirected to a machine inside the local network that has only a local IP address. If you select one of the predefined VoIP service providers, you dial the same way you always do for your wzv-140, long distance and international calls. When the modem is configured and working correctly, all LED indicator lights turn to solid green.

The Windows hardware wizard will automatically automatically try to install the driver for the device as shown in the figure below.

AirTies WAV-180 Manuals

It is not recommended to keep all the ports open for any client for an extended period. With the WAV, only one call can be made at a time either over the Internet or the regular airtiies line. Additionally, WAV is backward compatible with the