Hi Gerry, I did want to point out that I’ve owned a wide variety of scanners and have seen repair costs skyrocket. I got a lot of respect for Microtek. Additional Product Features Media Type. ScanPilot guides the user through the steps required to deliver a perfect image. SilverFast makes it easy to see the effect by presenting a before and after image in the sharpening window. I believe Microtek has its HQ in Taiwan and all they do is digital imaging according to website , so in the long run they might be more dedicated to their product line. ICE is a tech.

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Microtek ArtixScan tf Color Film Scanner (35 mm)

SilverFast Ai is arhixscan only thing that makes the difference between the two scanners, in terms of image quality. I’m looking forward to buy a Flextight. ICE is a tech. You may also like.

Otherwise, the Nikon is faster and more expensive. Quality is assured thanks to an ultra-sensitive bit Kodak CCD, stable light source and a professional lens combine to deliver an optical density of 4. About this product Product Information Designed for workers who are worried about reliability and trustworthiness when keeping a digital record, this Microtek slide and film scanner is trusty artixcsan useful. Noise and Grain Reduction GANE is a software system that dramatically reduces grain and noise in the image whilst preserving image detail.


With well over negative film types supported, obtaining an accurate result with arttixscan have never been easier.

Quite simply, if image detail and accurate colors are required, SilverFast is the answer. The great capability of scanning slides, 35 mm slides, and 35 mm film in color mode included with this Microtek slide and film scanner makes it easy for you to wrtixscan in realistic clarity and preserve the records electronically.

As the scanner ages, the image quality delivered by this scanner will remain optimal. It was also covered by a new 1 year warranty which I thought was pretty generous. Either way you would also need to get a glass holder. Hi Gerry, I did want to point out that I’ve owned a wide variety of scanners and have artixcan repair costs skyrocket.

Microtek ArtixScan 120tf Scanner

Sorry to come so late to this discussion but I had an issue with my tf this week that turned me off Microtek forever. Nikon mostly out of stock so you need to be on a list.

Microtek ArtixScan tf VS. I have the Artiscan tf. Show More Show Less. The ArtixScan tf patented design moves the film holder leaving the lens fixed. SilverFast changed all that and now, even first time scanner users can achieve brilliant results with ScanPilot. Your name or email address: After a lot of back and forth, they agreed that I had a hardware problem but they don’t repair the tf. This system delivers maximum dynamic range and hence, image quality.


Microtek 24 Bit Scanners. Good luck trying to get a repair with the Microtek from what I have read from others but this could change over time. Thanks I appreciate the advise and am looking into the other postings on the subject! If anyone has compaired the two and knows which one is better I’d appreciate the advice.

Scanner Parts for Microtek. A real-time preview permits the best possible setting to be found to achieve maximum removal of unwanted artefacts. I bought a tf last spring and because of an interstate move and some 120tff problems I didn’t start to use it until this month.

Microtek ArtixScan 120tf Dia & Filmscanner

Nikon has true ICE dust removal that works great, Microtek has some kind of software-only method similar to noise removal that is part of Silverfast. Moreover, you can fulfill your 35mm film scanning needs without fail since the Microtek tf features a versatile functionality. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Additional Product Features Media Type.

Once calibrated, SilverFast creates an ICC profile, which automatically integrates into the colour workflow ensuring that the scanner always delivers accurate colour and greyscale results.