This can be used to solve a video driver problem where application main window displays blank no controls visible. Can your driver accept the numerical output from the converter and send it to Stellarium to show where the telescope is pointing? If the driver indicates that the telescope interface is not present, make sure that the correct serial port was specified, and that the interface is powered up and ready to go. One thought occured to me, can you set the exposure target within a roi, rather than the whole image? I hit the get position button, then moved the scope in one complete circle.

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. My wacky encoder resolutions are the result of using gears to couple the encoders to my telescope—I had to count gear teeth in order to figure out the resolution. No telescope alignment will be perfect across the entire sky, and tthe can use the Sync command to reduce the errors in parts of the sky where the initial alignment is not so good.

With a bit of luck they will be ready for Christmas. This will also hopefully help anyone coming to similar situations later, as the problems and answers will not be interlaced. This box should normally be left unchecked. The output is in the range from 0 to The telesope is in an remote observatory and is possible dky the mount be moved from the home position.


I have a question about telescope movement and the resolution of your encoders. Setting up all the software on my win10 laptop and wscom things to talk to one another is a nightmare. The USB DSC will appear as a serial port when you plug it in to your computer, so you set it up in Cartes du Ciel exactly the same as the serial version except ascoj it probably has a different COM port number.

If home position has a reading of e. Thanks for a great product! Using it with ECU Pro 6.

Working With TheSky

Also looking to see if I can get a slightly smaller housing. So, I need a device that can detect a relative movement from a specifc position. Added support for safety monitors and observing conditions interfaces, extended support for new astronomy applications and drivers that have appeared since ASCOM version 6.

I’m particularly interested in the ROI option and general stability and speed improvements. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. It is increasingly common use of telescopes remotely, It would be very useful to keep in memory the physical position of the telescope using the platform of S,y.

I have disconnected both the filterwheel and guide camera from the camera hub, so they cannot be interefering with the process. Thanks for the report.

TheSkyX Pro ASCOM Support – Software Bisque

Of course, you can improve that by using higher-resolution encoders. Now it shouldn’t need to use an ascom driver, because the proper driver is installed, but I give it a go anyway, and this just offers me 2 simulators and 3 QHY cameras I have one qhy driver installed for the guidecam Then click on one of the five-pointed alignment stars to select that star for alignment.


By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. If you spot anything else please let me know! Everything is built in waterproof electrical box which can be found in hardware stores.

The Sky 6 Serious Astronomer and ASCOM

Yep this exterior is not very nice looking due to silicone sealant. Although slewing a telescope usually implies that a motor is moving the telescope, this driver implements slewing functionality by simply providing visual feedback as you manually push your telescope tube toward the desired target. Steve, Of course, the resolution for your setup will depend on what encoders you use and how they are mated to the telescope, thee yes, is sufficiently fine for locating objects.

Hi Mike, It has been running non stop without issue as far as I can tell for 48 hours. I hit the get position button, then moved the asccom in one complete circle. I’ve actually stopped using a dark frame altogether now as it hasn’t made a great difference on my camera. The Setup dialog box will appear: Raspberry PI runs all device software except database and long-time storage of the images.