Asus updated the bios to , which supports Cedarmill , , , and Presler , , and Intel Architecture Day. Apr 24, Just pasted this from another thread, I don’t like putting it in the signature. Apr 14,

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BigBadBiologistDec 20, Are you running the new bios, It has fixed some temp issues with me.

Asus P5LD2-VM overclocking? MHz limit? | [H]ard|Forum

BigBadBiologistJan 1, The maximum the board will let me overclock to is Mhz anyhow. Intel Architecture Day. Dec 18, 7.

Dec 18, 6. Dec 21, Log in or Sign up. DDR2 should be fine within 1.

Thanks for the info ZenOps! Deadpool2kApr 24, Asus updated the bios towhich supports Cedarmill,and Presler, and What series pentium 4 are you usin ;5ld2-vm temps arnt that bad either Just pasted this from another thread, I don’t like putting it in the signature.


So I’m running at with memory underclocked. As a side note does anyone know what the standard PCIE clock is? Dec 18, 5.

Asus P5LD2-VM SE User Manual | Page 87 / 90

tskoa Been running a couple of weeks now with no problems. What voltage is DDR2 safe up to? Hasn’t helped the overclock much but I’m running mine at Components run surprisingly cool, especially the RAM, which is still running default 1. I’ll give it a try.

Dec 20, 9. This is a highly underrated motherboard. I use mhz PCI-E, vcore is 1. Adjust your FSB accordingly.

Asus P5LD2-VM SE User Manual

It looks like BIOS and are not so good on cpu fan control. I think I know exactly what is holding you back.

I’ve got my Sata Seagate Apr 24, Good too see this board already supports 65nm chips. I hope Asus fixes it eventually. I’ve tried a J and a CPUs with the same exact result.

ZenOpsJan 4,