I’m as enthusiastic as anyone about new hardware, but I look at things more in terms of the fact that now there will be new old stock. The complete characteristics of video cards of this and other classes can be found in our 3Digest. Now we are going to take a look at the Deluxe revision. Does this have Personal Cinema support? Another program, WinProducer, is a clip editor:

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Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

Asus V8200T5 Deluxe and V8200T2 Deluxe GeForce3 Ti Review

So, it depends on your needs. I have a dumbass question – I have never understood the deal with Personal Cinema or the HDTV capabilities of the GeForce3 – I was wondering if anyone could point me towards a web page or a post I can read and really figure out which GeForce3 I would want if I wanted to watch high quality cable TV on my system, indulge in fully digital VCR goodness and perhaps make the move to HDTV when it’s more significant in my area.

Tateman Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: As you remember, the GeForce3 cards had black textolite, and now the company comes back to the yellow one.


X-mas is the time of mass sales of everything, including 3D accelerators. Asks Arena demo, standard modes The tests with the demo were carried out in the High Quality mode bit color. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The ways the chip and the memory are asuus are different for these cards. Aug 16, Posts: Asus vT5 Deluxe 11 posts.

Asus vT5 Deluxe – Ars Technica OpenForum

Aug 26, Posts: Besides, in our 3Digest you can get thorough information on performance of these cards on different platforms. So, this means the old-fashioned Geforce 3s should soon drop in price? The card ships in a Retail package.

Though it didn’t catch up with the Ti Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. EliteMT produces memory chips with 3.

Conclusion If we compare the ASUS v82200t5 with the other camp – ATI, we will see that they have almost equal forces if we take into consideration deficiency of the Canadian cards, a fast landslide of prices for ASUS cards and an average performance of all the tests. At least a lot of sites say that the Ti line is to completely replace the GF3 line.


May 19, Posts: Sure, it is necessary to pay for the brand name, but I think that the prices are too high. Giants The tests were conducted in and bit colors in the highest quality modes. You can estimate image quality obtained with the help of video capture it is controlled by a multi-purpose processor from Philips of the series – ADC and DAC in one.


For estimation of 3D quality we used: Thu Oct 04, 7: Sep 1, Posts: Must I get a Ti? Maybe thus they set apart junior and elder models. Overclockers would hardly like such card without heatsinks on the memory.

The Ti card, especially Deluxe, is too expensive, though it is better in speed and in accessories. The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card. In other words, deeluxe on the shelves, faster than my current stuff, for a bargain relative to original new pricing.

It is the highest possible overclocking level for such cards. Dec 22, Posts: Mar 9, Posts: