So what was wrong you could not connect through JTAG before? Each power supply pin is decoupled using a n X7R capacitor. The device just can’t connect. It seems to be working off and on It seems I am running out of ideas how to help you. I’ve experienced some problems under Vista and 7. Do you have USB analyzer?

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It seems to be working off and on Sorry Segger, but it the software is still is not very stable So what was wrong you could not connect through JTAG before?

Ag91sam7s pin could also be pulled permanently to GND.

I’ve experienced some problems under Vista and 7. Could this be because my main oscillator isn’t working properly? Do you have USB analyzer?

I’ve also tried pulling the erase pin high for uab few seconds then reconnecting the board. Just as you did, we use GPIOs for these.

It is powered by the USB port.

AT91SAM7S USB Mass Storage

In the circuit diagram, an Starting Electronics Needs Your Help! You can help by making a donation.


The TST pin is pulled low by an internal 15k resistor. Some way of programming the microcontroller is needed once it is in the circuit or soldered on a board. The total will be updated once daily.

This frequency is necessary if the USB device port of the microcontroller is to be used. The values of the RC filter components connected to the PLLRC pin need to be calculated depending on what clock speed the microcontroller will be operated at. According to the book, that schematic for USB is proven to work but I’ve had no luck.

I do get the ‘device not functioning properly’ message, but only when the CDC driver is not able to respond to USB requests from Windows in a timely manner. Either an external 3. Sometimes the SAM7 is not detected – just reset and try again. When I try to run J-flash, sometimes it says unexpected core ID found all zeros 0x It is important to have latest software from Segger as earlier versions were a bit buggy.

I also fixed some bugs in the driver.

Programming Atmel AT91SAM7S Microcontrollers via USB – Hardware Requirements

Any ideas how to get the usb working on this guy? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. The relevant bits of the schematic are attached- They are based off of the reference schematic included in the book “ARM microcontroller interfacing” by Elektor. I’d inspect electrical contacts to get it working properly all the time.


at91sam7s USB not recognized – Welcome to AT91SAM Community Discussions

No registered users and 1 guest. Each power at91sa7s pin is decoupled using a n X7R capacitor. The state of pins PA0 to PA2 may be affected by externally interfaced hardware. This will overwrite any user program that exists in the Flash memory.

In uxb for the boot loader to work, there are some hardware requirements that must be met on the microcontroller circuit:. This allows all Flash memory and fuse bits to be erased and reset to their default state.