The E72 uses the mini-USB port as a headset jack, but comes with an adapter, so no worries on that issue. Design The E72 looks much more like a consumer handset than your average Windows Mobile smartphone. Battery for BenQ E It can be used to charge the handset in car or by laptop. There is also a shortcut button for voice notes, and we found that this feature actually recorded a very nice, clear, reproduction of the conversation.

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BenQ E72 Review

As this is a Windows Mobile device, the OS is pretty standard stuff, and nothing to get too excited about, but there is a mild degree of customisation to provide a few extra shortcuts on the home screen. Unfortunately, ueb cannot be used at the same time.

This is only likely to trouble those who like to have lots of applications running; if you keep tabs on resource usage, you should be OK.

Making sure that no car charger can deliver better in similar price range.

I want cash on delivery We rather like this device not least because BenQ has managed to bring something new to what’s becoming a crowded market. There are some interesting software options bundled in here, however, like the Mundo IM app that runs various IM protocols and a Traveller application, giving you information as you trot around the globe. I don’t have any account. Unfortunately the bypixel screen, at just 2in. Measuring x OnePlus 6T tips and tricks: BenQ has made a number of changes to the standard Windows Mobile look and feel.


The screen lies under a translucent plastic cover, that gives a sort of oily look to the screen and you feel like you are peering into the screen, rather than it being right there on the surface: The centre sees a regular four-way controller and some shortcut buttons.

Because some devices could have had a better impact on the market if they were only seen by more eyes. My Profile Log Out. A notch above expectation. If it were sold from a carrier, this would be a free phone, making it a heck of a deal. You ussb need to do this fairly frequently if you tend to use a lot of applications.

BenQ E72 | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

We have already noted the slow MHz processor. Light weight design for portability.

Spending more time with browsing or tethering will take that time down, but for most who would like to have a simple smartphone with abilities at their disposal, this is more than good enough.

In our behq, it gave us just under five hours of non-stop music from a full charge, which bodes well.

Below those buttons are the 12 numeric keypad buttons. How to Maxbhi How to manual’s. There is also a shortcut button for voice notes, and we found ush this feature actually recorded a very nice, clear, reproduction of the conversation.


This latter facility means that you could use the E72 in a business context to send longer messages that you don’t brnq tapping out on the number pad. The back side of the E72 has a single loud and clear speaker, 2. This car charger for your E72 will attract many eyes for sure. The only connection is the Mini-USB, used for both charging as well as for the headset. This included 4 hours of calls, some Web browsing and music, and being connected to Uusb ActiveSync for Push email.

When you think of smartphones, and particularly Windows Mobile 6 smartphones, the image of a slightly bulky touchscreen device comes to mind. You can append additional material to the end of a recording you’ve already made, and can append recordings to emails.

QVGA x pixels screen, 2. The E72 is available as part of the BT Fusion offerings, so is geared up to allow you to access your Wi-Fi network at home, then go mobile once you get out of range. Whether that appeal would work for others is a bit of a challenging proposition.