All connection information must be entered in the connection string because there is no data source storing the information. This attribute uses a bitmask with the following options: To change an existing data source, select the data source you want to configure and click the Configure button. The initial default is 4. For example, you may want to direct logging to a local file on your machine.

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In the Username and Password fields, use the values you used to connect to the SequeLink Service step 4 in the previous procedure.

1 Using the ODBC Client

When set to 32, users of flat-file drivers are allowed to abort a long-running query by pressing the ESC key. Refer to the SequeLink Developer’s Reference for information on additional features of DataDirect Test and a tutorial that takes you through a working example of its use. This attribute uses a bitmask with the following options:.

Select a Concatenate check box to see a cumulative record of previous actions; otherwise, only the last action is shown. Select the data source you want to change, or create a new server data source by right-clicking Data Source Settings. If the password is not expired, the previously described dialog box appears, prompting only for the host user name and host password. If this validation fails, the SequeLink Server will attempt to authenticate the user ID and password with the database account defined for the domain of the machine on which the SequeLink Server is running.


To configure a new data source, click the Add button. This driver manager loads the backend driver upon request, finding all of the necessary information in the backend ODBC data source configuration file odbc. Speed Easily load large volumes of data without application code or additional vendor tools that slow performance.

For example, to load the SequeLink driver on Solaris, you would enter: In the Value field, enter the following: The following code shows an example of an odbc. The wizard prompts you to register the SequeLink service on the host machine.

It attempts to load a specified ODBC driver and prints out all available error information if the load fails. Specifies the host or data store user name, which may be required depending on the server configuration.

Creating a trace log is particularly useful when you are troubleshooting an issue. The Create New Data Source displays the settings you have configured for this data source.

Because the number of connections in the connection pool is greater than the minimum pool size, five connections, no action is taken by the Pool Manager. Specifies the path and name of the trace file. Expand the SequeLink 5. The fields change on the lower half of the screen to accommodate the information required to query an LDAP server for connection information.


The value for this connection attribute should be adtadirect to the cumulative value of all chosen options added together. Update the file to reflect the appropriate data source configuration information, based on the documentation of your backend driver.


Configuring An ODBC Data Source Using DataDirect Sequelink Server

When set to 0, the appropriate row is locked. Note that the information on this dialog box, including the dialog box title, varies based on the database driver you selected in the previous step. A network connection is established. You can also use Performance Monitor to identify the number and frequency of CLR exceptions in your applications.

Powerful SequeLink ODBC driver

Select the Concatenate check box to see the Java code of all previous actions; otherwise, only the Java code of the last action will be shown. This attribute is only required when the SequeLink service you are connecting to has been configured to limit access to specific applications. Performance Improve data access performance by simply switching ADO. If your application requires a connection string to connect to a data source, you must specify the data source name that tells the driver which data source to use for the default connection information.

Upon identification of any security vulnerability, Progress will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to address the vulnerability in accordance with the following policy. This option is provided because some applications cannot handle database qualifiers. Specifies where the centralized odbc.