I’ll try to provide you with as many pictures as possible but please bear with the poor capture quality. I am certainly glad that ECS took some of my criticisms in the last review seriously. Unfortunately, this procedure was not documented in the manual and I had to ask Vijay for it. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the web-site of this chipset manufacturer, thus, I was unable to look up the specs. The mainboard is wrapped in a pink protective sheet and the cables and miscellaneous hardware were all nicely packed in a bag. Before I go to the actual specs of the Motherboard I thought it is important to talk about the BX chipset upon which this Motherboard is based upon, for essentially the capabilities of this Motherboard is based on this chipset. I tested out the modem card by connecting to my dial-up Singnet account.

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The setup was simple and straightforward, just like any other modem. I must applaud ECS in choosing to listen to user’s constructive sometimes insulting criticisms.

The space where the Slot one cartridge goes 6pbxt-a the same, wheras the space for the PPGA is where the chipset the one with the heatsink used to be located. This would produce some serious fireworks, and I’m sure it’s one costly display. The BIOS does not allow you to enable the on-board modem using the modem riser card if you want to ece your built-in sound. Otherwise, you would be better off with other modems that p6bbxt-a free dial-up accounts that’s worth as much as the modem. You should find a blue coloured temperature probe with a white top between the Socket and Slot-1 connector.


I won’t say I’m perfect, in fact, I’m learning valuable lessons everyday. I am a firm DIS-believer of the overclocking phenomenon.

The manual says as much and after testing I found it to be true. This isn’t very appealing at all. The modem riser card plugs easily into the pin header.

ECS P6BXT-A+ Motherboard

Thus, as a guide, users should add a few degrees more to the temperature read-out. I guess they have figured that customers are indeed more important. The output level is rather useless unless you own a DAT player which you have modified its input connector to fit your motherboard. One bad thing about this product is the CD-ROM, although it contains the drivers and updates for the sound chip and mainboard chipset in pretty easily locatable directories, the manufacturer could have made a more user-friendly auto-run menu.

The mainboard is wrapped in a pink protective sheet and the cables and miscellaneous hardware were all nicely packed in a bag. However, I believe that it is as good as it can get, and p6bst-a definitely good value for money considering the built-in 3D sound with good future upgradability. It was only about 2 months since I reviewed their Rev.

A very low cost solution to built-in sound with 3D positional audio capabilities. So, I p6bdt-a adding more FSBs would really give p6bxr-a tougher decisions to make. What makes it different from the previous version. In fact, it was so cool that I played almost two hours, and was blown off to bits and pieces countless times.


In summary, this board does deserve the same award as its previous revision as one of the most overclockable product around with good stability in overclocking. It is just like playing one of those “Spot the Difference” games. Last updated March 30, Suppose an ignorant user set his Deschutes CPU voltage to 2.


So, what is new?? It is interesting to see that they have upgraded to a higher version of the sound chipset using the Elite CMI Overall Rating Out of p6gxt-a maximum of 5 Star.

What I found was a much improved read-out, and here’s a summary of the little probing experiment I did on the board. Anyway, its an almost useless feature.

Elitegroup P6BXT-A+ Motherboard

This board will enable upgraders to keep the same motherboard when considering upgrading, a plus in today’s tight economy. NVidia Reference Detonator Drivers 2.

The card is aligned near the PCI slot, so that it behaves like a PCI card, and the bracket could be screwed onto the casing.