Video images and some photos are date time stamped. Expect the reliability of a toy, not the reliability of a name-brand camera. It has enough unique features to be christened the 8. This makes it difficult to know what camera you will get from a seller on eBay. Ltd – Shenzhen Union Technology Co. The 4 claims to be HD but seems to have a native resolution of x and upconverts it to x in the AVI file. Lower right, yellow text on black.

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Some cameras have spatial or temporal video quality problems.

The first partition contains the four system software BIN files: This was done so that he could use the camera inside his helmet and have the microphone correctly positioned.

Temporal time problems involve frame to frame issues. The Mtec CPU camera measured 5 duplicates per second.

If the mode button is held down while connecting the USB, Windows will try to install three devices: The run time the battery charge of a LiPo battery drops dramatically when cold. Of course I will have to cut one down in size to fit correctly on eke keychain camera.


Mobius 808 no.16 vs EKEN H9

You need some way to view the video and photo files, and some way to charge the battery. A kit with a camera and flash card is available.

It is usually 20 x 30 mm and 3. It mounts with a sticky, washable, reusable jelly-like silicone adhesive to a flat surface around the lens. Many Versions – There are many versions of this camera: The application is programmed into the serial flash memory chip.

There is no switch to completely disconnect the battery some other micro cameras have a disconnect switch, but then the date time stamp is lost. Some generic or unbranded cards are slow. These tones and graphics seemed to be a cell phone design but those are probably just feature remnants that were not removed from ekwn SOC development kit.

The missing frame can be missing, a short frame or a duplicate of a previous good frame. My career background is with embedded microprocessors, software and electronics. Date time stamp in lower left corner.

Some of these files are in the vault. There is an audio recorder. Long videos can be recorded because the camera does close-and-continue at 50 minutes to avoid the 4GB file limit. Summary of the HD versions and variation ekn the camera. Some wide angle lenses have fisheye distortion.


Mobius no vs EKEN H9

Either too low, too high, off to one side, quite apart from the motion I was hoping to have Deshaker fix for me! Here is a great YouTube review by techmoan http: Some camera chips run hot and use the case as a heat sink.

That is probably causing problems when the 8 AVI is imported into Premiere. Recycle the little circuit under the tape.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #8

I don’t have the bandwidth to host it. The battery module has a LiPo battery cell and a protection circuit.

These batteries are 4. The MD80 is very similar to the 3 camera.

Double click the yellow “? Crystal Disk Mark the flash card to verify it is fast enough. This review does not cover the suitability of this camera for spying or surveillance, and I have no expertise there.