Simple Maintenance Makes changing cartridges a quick, clean and easy process. Transporting the Printer For long distances If you need to transport your printer for long distances, carefully repack it using the original box and packing materials. Windows Firewall, your computer is made more vulnerable. LC Size Displays the paper size loaded in the standard and optional lower cassettes. Follow the steps below to repack your printer. Making Changes To Printer Settings Making Changes to Printer Settings Making the print quality settings You can change the print quality of printouts through settings in the printer driver.

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The printer and optional paper cassette unit are heavy so it is necessary to carry them separately when you transfer adfanced. Page font family The collection of all sizes and styles of a font. Then Select the Page Order in which the pages are printed on each sheet.

Since the quality of any particular brand or type e;son media may be changed by the manufacturer at any time, Epson cannot guarantee the quality of any type of media.

For short distances Always pay attention to the following handling precautions when you need to move the printer for short distances. Technical support, Thick paper and extra thick paper printer settings, 38 Toner how to replace, specifications, Transparencies printer settings, 33, 38 Transporting the printer long distanceTransporting the printer short distanceTray menu, Troubleshooting,color printing problems, memory problems, operational problems, When installation is complete, click OK.


You can also choose to have a notice appear on the screen when printing is completed. When you click this button, a confirmation window asking if you wish to connect to the Web site appears.

Push up the fixing tabs inside the optional paper cassette unit, then turn them in a clockwise direction to fix the unit and the printer together.

Epson Australia – AcuLaser C

For example, select Windows 95 to install the additional driver for the Windows Me, 98, or 95 clients, then click OK. Advanecd test samples of media stock before purchasing large quantities or printing large jobs.

Print one or two envelopes to check the print quality. Click the Layout icon on the Basic Settings dialog box. If customer support for your area is not listed below, contact the dealer where you purchased your product. Status Alert Window Status Alert window The A,-c1100 Alert window indicates what type of error has occurred and offers you a possible solution.

Epson AcuLaser C1100

Page Cancel button: Turn the printer on, and open cover B. This setting is used when printing on the backside of paper for duplex printing. Memory modules Memory size: Click OK to apply the settings and return to the Basic Settings dialog box. Open the Basic Settings dialog box. Making Changes To Printer Settings Making Changes to Printer Settings Making the print quality settings You a-lc1100 change the print quality of printouts through settings in the printer driver.


Please Wait The toner cartridge to be replaced is moving to the replacement position in the printer. Your settings will appear in the list to the right of Automatic in the Basic Settings menu. Click Print in the File menu of any application.

Using the Printer Software with Windows Displays only your jobs that have Canceled: Otherwise, the print quality may decrease. Colour performance is disappointing, however. Resizing Printouts Resizing printouts You can have your document enlarged or reduced during printing. Character type Number of characters Setting Monitoring Preferences Setting Monitoring Adfanced To make specific monitoring settings, click Monitoring Preferences in the Utility tab of the printer driver.

If that fails to clear the error, replace the photoconductor unit. Since printouts are output face-down, this tray is also referred to as the face-down tray. Checking printer software installation for WindowsXP, or Server When using Windows XP,or Serveryou must follow the steps in the Setup Guide packed with the printer to install the printer software.

Use the u Up and d Down buttons to scroll through the menus.