The touch-pointer and keyboard help to make the learning curve short. I find this surprising in a good way if this is true. Already has a touchscreen. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. WiBrain B1L , 4. GottaBeMobile inkshow review of the Everun.

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Have you tried to see if it is narrow enough to fit in a coat pocket?

Then you need to install them as instructed by the driver provider. How do I fix it? Driver Easy uses cookies to provide you with better services. WiBrain B1L4. XP Bootup is fairly quick too.

Raon Digital Everun

With XP on the device, everything was hunky-dory and working as expected. HP Elitebook G2.

I am on battery most of the time and this devie give me the most performance for the least price. If these device drivers fail to work properly, your PC suffers.


Is it because of the SSD? I hope this will fit in some. Initial thoughts from a new Everun owner. Posted on 25 November by Pcl. We like the Everun! Acer Aspire E11 ES1.

Everyone has only white Everuns in stock? I sometimes put it in my back pocket but only if im havin to carry something else at the same time for a short distance. It’s not that small: Raon Digital Everun – First impressions. E-King i14. You can use the same battery on the Everun inside the external charger Best of both worlds.

UMPC – Raon Everun Note D60H

Fantastic screen and very good value. Tainell T5. Ergonomics on the B1 are excellent the touch-pad making control very easy and if Wibrain reach the their stated target of 6-hours browsing time, it’s going to be an excellent mobile device.

You can sevice the use of various wireless networks and wireless Internet to your heart”s content with Everun Note at any time and place where the wireless Internet environment is established. Everun application performance testing video. CrystalMark scores absolutely shine under mains power with a result of over It basically supports the wireless LAN The D30H I tested had 2: By continue pic the website or clicking Close, you agree to our privacy policy and how we use cookies.


Everun Note S16S and D24S Mini Reviews.

The touch layer, screen hinge and casing seems tighter overall but only time will tell on this aspect. Ultra Mobile Podcast no. I havent noticed any difference in the heat at all.