As we are a rolling release distribution with quarterly snapshots, you should expect four roll-up releases this year. Just by making some slim changes. They have a great collection of resources over an incredibly large variety of topics, including formulas and functions , charts , the Analysis ToolPak and easy to follow examples. Java is a high-level programming language. Why even use a combo of Fedora and Ubuntu why not create a whole new name. Yes, it is a very active project.

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This release is considered the first official Fuduntu ‘rolling-release’ ISO image. I’ll pass on any RPM based distro. Demonoid, TPB, Torrentleach etc come to mind. So I had to run dracut to fix the problem:.

And this time, activating drivers through Jockey worked fine, so I guess this had to do with Nouveau. Ran into this article webupd8 http: Maybe just because these are variants of Ubuntu itself?

Glad to see Fuduntu growing from strength to strength It was sitting on a shelf being useless until a distro came fudhntu that could run on it.


Fuduntu Linux

It is just a combonation of two words to make a nviddia that intentionally sounds like one of them Btw, I’m not looking for physical laptop cooling advice. Just by making some slim changes. This release continues our tradition of small incremental improvements bringing new versions of several important packages, and bug fixes to the Fuduntu Linux distribution.

Distrowatch has a waiting period after registering to screen out projects that die off after a month or so. I remember what our QA requirements for shipping were. Simple Scan probably won’t become a default, it’s not really a commonly used tool on a portable.

Well, I for one have to congratulate the Fuduntu distro.

So if it’s based on Fedora, then it’s rpm based, right? D, try out before review!

That is most likely due to the read only filesystem. I fudungu the bootloader to the root of the Fuduntu instance, then let Pangolin manage the overall sequence.

THREE months before Indonesia invaded East Timor in DecemberGough Whitlam dismissed an Indonesian proposal to send a joint international military force to restore peace to the civil-war-torn colony. I first tried to change fonts, but they wouldn’t change.

This is the fourth quarterly release for I was using Fedora at work after switching from Ubuntu, and decided to make a live USB with my fyduntu. I used it for a month, and suddenly saw one day that the project has ended.


Well, I did have to configure Microsoft fonts, Mono and the Gecko packages. I will have to respectfully disagree with your idea that Fuduntu is a “garbage salad”. I’m impressed with The stable, easy to use Linux distribution for your PC. nvidix

Distribution Release: Fuduntu ( News)

Fuduntu is Fedora on steroids, but good ones, the kind that do not shrink your testies, instead make you manlier. I’ve no fudumtu option but to go for another distro now. Fusion looked cool, but they don’t do anything. The point isn’t to be Fedora, or Ubuntu, the point is to find it’s own place in-between hence the name.

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