A full investigation continues. Comments D Williams says: I hope he gets his job back. Upon review, the driver was removed from duty and suspended. I didn’t know they let 10 year olds post on reddit because this is exactly the kind of statement elementary school kids make when they get in fights. You get used to seeing it.

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September 9, at 8: I know I’d be a terrible father. Time to brush up the resume, bruh.

December 22, at I didn’t see what she did to him, and that hit was pretty ferocious, but in broad terms I agree with him that if she hit him she should expect to be hit back. Can anyone help me out?

Bus Driver Uppercut: Victim Says It Felt Like ‘Mortal Kombat’ Punch

If she can throw a punch, she can take a punch. The both of them were wrong. I’m glad he popped her.

I am the kind of woman who believes in equality on ALL fronts. Something tells me that girl didn’t get enough as a kid.


Because in the course of this amateur hour upperdut both the male bus driver and the female passenger could have ended up shot dead, which would have automatically endangered everyone else on the bus.


February 15, at I’d have no reason to beat you up. I agree to a certain extent. January 11, at 5: Rudeness does not beget violence.

September 16, at 9: AFTER they hit you?! What would you do if some random guy smacked your kid in the mouth right in front of you, go over and help clean the blood off his knuckles There are other subreddits dedicated to this kind of content. Now, this is even more hilarious. I agree with budriver Duane. My own version of just the punch, no watermark. Yes, give his job back. Are we going to cry and lament when he or she hits the wrong person and gets shot?

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Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut: Man Punches Woman After Heated Argument (UPDATED) | HuffPost

She hit buddriver, and then got what was coming to her. Plus the girl hit first. I am a caseworker who deals with the public on a daily basis…I have to face so many aggressive individuals, men and women who are aggressive when they are denied benefits…going so far as to being called btches, hoes and meet you after work…and yet I held on to my professional behavior…My response was to not engage in the argument…because that only escalate the problem…and call for security.


The passenger who he hit was charged with disorderly conduct. If and when I ever get into a physical argument with a customer— I will be prepared to fold up my apron and leave on the spot.

Well damn, he got his point across. I have grown daughters, they are strong and willing to stand up for what they believe.

Please use Karma Decay to see if your gif has already been submitted. She nusdriver to ask “Are you putting me off the bus?