If you prefer to have the file windrvr6. The procedure described in this step also adds the WinDriver kernel module windrvr6. Compact — install only the generic WinDriver toolkit. For example, to extract WDLN. Click the Activate License button.

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WinDriver Installation Process

If you do not have these files, install the relevant packages for your Linux distribution e. If the installation wizard offers to install an INF file other than the knstall you have generated, select Install one of the other drivers and choose your specific INF file from the list. You can simplify the driver integration into your Windows CE platform by following the procedure described in this step before the Sysgen platform compilation stage.

If Linux is already installed on your machine, check whether the Linux source code was installed. This step is only necessary if you want the WinDriver CE kernel file windrvr6. If you do not, create one by typing: Windows Upgrade Device Driver Wizard: How to Install WinDriver.

The configuration script creates a makefile based on the running kernel. If the Linux kernel is version 2. Custom —select which WinDriver modules to install.


On your development Linux machine, change directory to your preferred installation directory, for example to your home directory: If you windrivfr yet to install Linux, install it, including the kernel source code, by following the instructions for your Linux distribution.

Some distributions provide a compiled kernel without the file version.

This step is only necessary if you want the WinDriver CE kernel file windrvr6. Select the Register WinDriver option from the File menu, and insert the license string you received from Jungo.

How to Install WinDriver

To register your copy of WinDriver with the license you received from Jungo, follow these steps:. This is a necessary step if you want the WinDriver CE kernel file windrvr6. In the Setup Type screen, choose one of the following: To override the existing driver if any.

Since WinDriver installs kernel modules, it must compile with the header files of the Linux kernel during the installation process.

WinDriver Support

Exit the automatic installation. When using the installation CD, wait a few seconds for the installation to begin automatically. On Windows Mobile the operating system’s security scheme prevents the loading of unsigned drivers at boot time, therefore the WinDriver kernel module has to be reloaded after boot.


In Linux, kernel modules must be compiled with the same header files that the kernel itself was compiled with. Modify the project registry file to add an entry for your target device: From the File menu select Manage Catalog Items Windows Found New Hardware Wizard: Linux WinDriver Installation Instructions. Exit super user mode: Copy WinDriver’s kernel module — windrvr6.

You can force the use of kbuild on earlier versions of Linux, by passing the –enable-kbuild flag to configure. Integrate the driver into your platform: Select Open Release Directory from the Build menu. If your development machine is running a Debian distribution e.

If you prefer to have the file windrvr6. Before proceeding with the installation, you must also make sure that you have a linux symbolic link.