Thanks for marking this as the answer. Hope that helps a bit. This is I assume a mechanical problem. It’s no wonder, it would have been a simple fix for them to do and then resell it. I have replaced the color cartridge times, but no luck.

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Compatible driver for a HP Officejet Pro 1150c for Windows 7

Go to the Users Manual specifications pages and take note of the maximum paper weight that can be used. I speculate that it is an electronic pgo, either the carriage board or the main board.

I suggest dismantling the printer – assume it’s similar to the C and trace the mechanics of the process. It seems as officejjet there is something inside the printer itself that is causing the new cartridges to pool this ink and not print correctly.

But then it said the carraige door was open. You wonder why the cartridges run out of ink so quickly. The mirror is in the slot parallel to the bulb. I could’t get it back together.

My HP Officejet Pro c works fine, but it will not switch off. I looked and the blue clip that holds the black ink cartridge down was all crooked.


Its like a new one. It uses the lowest capacity cartridges.

All printers are eventually going need some kind of repair. The Closest possible driver for printing only included with Vista is the Deskjet C. Refer to this link to learn how to install the drivers in compatibility mode for Windows XP: Now it reads that it can’t read the black cartridge. Maybe someone would like to have it for parts.

HP Officejet Pro c / cse All-in-One Driver for Win Driver – TechSpot

Can you tell me what this error message means and whether it results from something I might be able to fix myself? You can get them new on Ebay at a significant discount.

My problem is I try to print and I can only get black and red to print on graphics, even when I am trying to print something in Yellow or green. This thread is locked. A ‘mountain’ of ink builds up in the service station and eventually reaches the top. What I buy and recommend are printers that will not automatically go to the landfill when the cost of repair is considered. Looking from the front, there is a cover on the right side held in place by one Torx head screw can’t remember whether it’s a T10 or T The printer is dead other than the little green lite now.


Hello Bert, my printer I believe is beginning to show its ageing. Perhaps the paper is too thick.

hp officejet pro 1150c

If the top of it is flat, the cartridges are hitting it and getting clogged. Anyone with an idea I would very much appreciate a hint from on what to look for. Then, the unit will ogficejet either print or copy at all. Open the cartridge access door and unplug the power.

All they say is something like this, “If changing that assembly doesn’t fix it, change this assembly. Remove the screw and the cover will slide off. The part only weighs about 5 grams!!

If you don’t have the Torx driver, you can get them at a hl store or a tool specialty store. I like its performance and I don’t want to get new due to no more quality control. When the power off button is pressed again, it goes into the start-up mode and works fine.