If you receive a PCSWS error, you might need to modify your keyboard driver level or regional settings. When using Personal Communications on a base Windows 95 system, the Windows Socket Winsock level might not be sufficient. Idle , Normal , High , or RealTime. That is, did you select the Display as Icon option in the Insert Object dialog If you answered YES to all three of the above questions, you might have noticed one of the following conditions: The default value for this keyword is N application name is not displayed. This error does not occur when the command is invoked from a DOS command window. DLL, as supplied by Microsoft, the sort function accessed from the right mouse click in the summary view does not work properly for systems that do not have IE4.

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It is important to understand how Personal Communications uses the capability for supporting multiple languages. The string can be a maximum of 10 characters.

When you start a new Personal Communications TNE session, the printer might start printing as soon as the initial connection is established. Attempting to execute this facility on Windows 9x platforms will result in errors.

IBM Personal Communications

You can prevent these problems by performing one of the following actions: The macro editor included with Personal Communications is capable of editing macros up to 32K bytes in size.

The default value is 30; however we recommend a value of 90 or greater. In a session, Insert mode is automatically turned off when the Enter key is pressed. If the Personal Communications installation options This feature will be pdrsonal to run from the network or This feature and all sub features will be installed from the network are selected, the memory error log file pcsmmerr.


To resolve this problem, contact Microsoft Product Support Services to obtain the fix. By providing this information, Personal Communications can take advantage of the many features provided in Windows Installer, to ensure that files are not overwritten with older versions.

If Profiles are not on and Start menu is shared, then the installer does a per-user installation. For example, the main screen in ISPF has host box characters that will display as letters.

No icon display in the Insert Object dialog.

Multiple-Language Support

You must always use a workstation profile. In this case, select the preferred adapter from the list. To avoid this problem, you should upload the PC file with a record length greater than the maximum PC line length. The Information Center is available in English and Japanese, and includes product documentation, reference materials, and links to other useful resources.

This document contains information supplementary to the online Help and the Publications; it includes such things as newly added functions, hints, tips, restrictions and corrections. When performing an administrative installation, ensure that the folder into which you are installing the image does not contain any files. WS profile setting or PDT settings to print. Personal Communications limits the total number of open VT sessions to The default timeout value is set to 15 seconds.

If you do not use the PC cards listed above.

Then the remaining part of the command is input on the next line. Use the values commnuications this table to make any other necessary changes.


Multiple-Language Support

PC assumes that the application is finished when focus returns to the PC session window. This action will update the system registry to always start the SNA node at ubm boot time.

Certain other text may also be in English, such as the Help button label on the communicaitons dialogs and the Dismiss button label on the Help window. On a Windows 98 Second Edition system communicatiobs is using networking software and is implemented as a Network Driver Interface Specification NDIS intermediate driver, one of the following symptoms might occur: Lines are then pasted one below the other.

If sessions are running when you attempt to llc22 Personal Communications, you might be prompted to close the sessions. You can determine which CardBus controller is installed on your PC in the following way: A problem cpmmunications when the EHLLAPI application continues to input various commands in the host screen through the SendKeys functioneven before the Personal Communications session has received the NL command from the host and processed it.

The possible values are 1 to 90 seconds. From the Microsoft Web site, download and install the most recent Windows Socket update for Windows Increasing the value allows the host system more time to respond to the workstation.