PM kits are a must, Drum changes are a must, and corona wires must be cleaned weekly. The first year we did not experience very many problems, but since then we have had a service tech come out to service the printer nearly every week. See all 5 brand new listings. Then when I looked at another colorful piece, it showed the telltale mottling effect that I am so use to seeing in my large fields of color. Since i have been servicing machine, production has never been higher, and quality has been much better. Halftone , Oct 22,

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PMs usually include drums, coronas, developers and basic vacuum cleaning.

We have had The Lemon for 14 months and I can’t even begin to tell you how many service requests have been placed for it. LindaBJun 25, Heat, humidity and PMS cause the colors to shift.

Ikon CPP Copier Color Printer | eBay

You must ikpn in or sign up to reply lkon. The Ikon is currently shared on our old print server using a LPR port and has a bit driver installed. When we leased printee IKON machines we had a verbal understanding with our salesman who looked at exactly what we print before we signed the lease and it worked great for a few years but the new toner supply system seems to want to really squeeze the customer –as you say, I found myself just not having the time to fight the order system to get the toner, even though I do give them credit for delivering what was needed as long as you constantly keep at it.


The first one on our machine had a humidity controller that drove us nuts!


I would think long and hard before buying a Konica product. I was just billed forclicks instead of theI was expecting and budgeting. First problem is that the KM box is touchy. Ikon billing issues We have nothing but problems with Ikon billing, printre this has been going on for years.

Skip to main content. Not a great one. Thank you so much for sharing your experience to help me out. It could be that, but I suspect it’s more that some beancounter decided to save money by squeezing their printer customers on toner trying to force them to use their expensive color machines for text coverage only which is unrealistic.

This is the price excluding shipping and handling fees 55 seller has provided at which the same item, or one that is nearly identical to it, is being offered for sale or has been offered for sale in the recent past. JeffOct 23, We now order every other day and it seems to get past the system, but who has that kind of time.

Free Shipping On Ikon CPP-550 Toner Cartridge CPP550.

We have had continuous problems to the point that we are now buying a new Xerox despite that we don’t really have the sales numbers to justify it yet. The machine, aside from the four hours it worked today, has been down since Friday five days?! No ratings or reviews yet. It requires a great deal of service, the walk up memory is weak at best spitting out anything over 28 pages and exiting, of course we didn’t learn about the memory issue until AFTER we purchased.


Learn to clean the corona wires yourself. The technicians are great but we see them way to often for production purposes. Usually they have to order most of the parts and that can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. If you see a problem has come up, immediately put in that service call. Good box with the Fiery. Our contract states that a tech is to service the machine within four hours of the service request.

They are only being paid the signed contract amount. And how many prints on average do you get between service calls?

I’m trying to find someone that has gotten this thing installed and shared on a bit version.

Oh, and don’t try to run stock cut down from parent sheets as short grain. The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price. The tech said he’ll be out to fix it tomorrow.