Also note that using 40MHz and not 20MHz channel bandwidth will increase the probability to suffer from platform noise since more frequencies might impact the Wi-Fi performance. Ask password and then loop forever Bug reported by openfred on Say, have you tried manually entering the SSID for your router and setting up the network that way? If that doesn’t work, or you need newer firmware, read on.? I had just accepted that my Lenovo T wouldn’t get better than 50 Mbps.

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networking – Intel Centrino Advanced-N on Ubuntu doesn’t recognize WIFI – Ask Ubuntu

On Live session or after installation, the wifi adapter is recognized, the password phrase is accepted but it never connect and loop forever. Want to add to the discussion?

USB3 and graphics in certain scenarios. Status changed to Confirmed 2.

iwlwifi – Debian Wiki

Brian Murray brian-murray on For more information on Intel Wireless centrinoo, please visit Intel Wireless. I have the same card Intel abgn card, with a similar Dell E and ran a speedtest.


Same PC advanfed Debian 9 or 10 works very well. The card should be supported by my current kernel found via uname -a: About iwldvm support and known issues.

Unless something strange is going on, that card should work without problems. Please do not enter contact information. This bug affects 7 people.

Adganced more on why this is helpful, please see https: March 8th, 7. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. When you update to this following https: In my case running “iw wlp3s0 scan” or “iwlist scanning” does not fix up nm-applet.

The fact that one of these options helped doesn’t prove that the issue being troubleshooted is ‘platform noise’, but it may be an indication. For more on BIOS updates and linux, please see https: Once you have the firmware loader in place or if you aren’t sure and you just want to try things to see if it works corpkration, you need to install the firmware file into the appropriate location.

Intel Wireless WiFi Link, Wireless-N, Advanced-N, Ultimate-N devices

For bug reports and debuggingplease see the page dedicated to that. James Ferguson james-ferguson wrote on Thanks in advance, Pierre.


I recall that “modinfo -p” gives the options available for a module:. Please include the output of sudo rfkill list in your 62205. The antennas are typically located in the lid of the laptop.


The wifi passphrase is accepted, and even going to sleep mode and back is fine. Email me about changes to this bug report. For general questions about Wi-Fi on Linux using Intel’s devices, you can send an email to linuxwifi intel.

Some common sources of platform noise might be: Plus I guess BitTorrent would be a lot faster now.

See full activity log. Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth running at the same time is a challenge. It seems this 2 lines have been added due to bug Table of Contents Introduction.