VTune Amplifier performance profiler is a commercial application for software performance analysis of 32 and bit x86 based machines. Thanks for the quick response. This application calculates the Nth Fibonacci number. After installing VTune, tutorials are installed on your machine, and are available via the start menu. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

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Although other software packages exist, few are as straightforward to use, flexible, and high-quality when it comes vgune performing challenging data analysis or creating publication superior graphs.

Intel VTune Performance Analyzer

It has both a graphical user interface GUI and command line and comes in versions for Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems. To find out which lines have caused hotspots you just need to drill down to the Source View to see code lines associated with particular events.

Double click on a function to see the source code, annotated with the timing btune each line of code.

Source Search Hot Keys Menu: VTune Amplifier is available as a standalone product as well as part of the following suites: Unexpected Paused Time Problem: Sample a complete suite for 30 days. A stand-alone version of the software is also available. Debug difficult intermittent inteo and deadlocks without special recompiles. To see the source, double-click a table entry.


Tuning these hotspots will have the biggest impact on overall performance.

Vtune Tutorial: How to Use Intel Vtune Amplifier

Shoot yourself in the foot when handling input data The linking concept of today’s article differs from usual. You need tools to mine the data and make it easy to understand. Are you ready to try or purchase Intel VTune Amplifier? Ingel some high-overhead Java profilers that instrument the code, Intel VTune Amplifier uses low-overhead statistical sampling. Share Tweet Share Send.

Single Thread | Intel® VTune™ Amplifier | Intel® Software

The time taken vtume the instructions are indicative of any stalls in the pipeline during instruction execution. For that purpose Sampling counts the number of processor ticks, executed instructions, processor cache misses and branch mispredictions.

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This week vtine helped us improve the performance another 3X. The profiler result consists of details such as time spent in each sub routine which can be drilled down to the instruction level.

However, we should not forget about optimization which, despite the common belief, has always been highly ingel too. Thus you can analyze all the processes in the program and locate hotspots which lead to performance issues. Summary – Hardware Events Window: The same material is also available online at http: Analyze GPU kernel execution to find memory latency or inefficient kernel algorithms.


Tune native code extensions unlike profilers for only Python. With VTune efforts can be concentrated where it really counts.

You truly have exceptional service in the software world. Items in italics are no longer maintained or have planned end-of-life dates.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

Hotspot ontel gives you a list of functions sorted by the amount of time they consume. Feature availability and details may vary by operating system. Learn about key metrics and a basic use of the general exploration analysis. Inaccurate Sum in the Grid Problem: Learn about how to start analyzing system performance and the key features of Intel VTune Amplifier.