Tue Jan 01, 7: Bundle and Presentation The presentation of the board was above average and it’s nice to see companies making the effort on their boxed boards that are available from retailers. So, first up we’ll look at 3DMark performance. Other websites reviewing this board and using Crucial modules Micron chips do much better and an OcUK forum member hi Bigsy! While we were a little bit disappointed, they quickly pointed out that they would be pushing the XPR, the board that uses the new version of the ALi MaGiK 1 chipset.

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Next up we have Aquamark.

Iwill XP333 Review.

It’s a good overclocker, and I gather that it’s pretty stable, since we haven’t seen much in the way of problem reports on USENET and web-based forums.

Iwill XPR 28 posts.

Slummin’ it iwilp Cambridge the original one Registered: One see’s the F s and the other sees F’s. If so, could you give us hints about the reliability of these boards?

Overclocking the Iwill XPR – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

Performance at MHz being lower than MHz is something for the IWill guys to look at since I couldn’t make the board perform when overclocked. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.

Quake3 is our first OpenGL benchmark and in this configuration is more a test of CPU and memory performance rather than graphics card power so it’s a valid inclusion. Of course, most people here won’t think twice about taking advantage of this to overclock their CPUs. Reaper0Bot0 Ars Praefectus Registered: It’s placed here, next to the power regulator chips, to supposedly fix the low 5V rail problems that afflicted some revision 1.


As we expected, the lower resolutions are helped more by the increase in bus clocks and as the graphics card is made to iwil harder as the resolution increases the performance increase gets smaller Even at x performance looked fine. They are placed in a box, configured and shipped to places all over the world. So, first up we’ll look at 3DMark performance. I have logs of each configuration with uptimes and faults. Since I personally like to use full tower cases, there could arise some problems since the floppy cable may not be quite long enough to stretch that far down the PCB – just think the HX from AOpen.

And maybe some further descriptions about methodology and such? If anyone has any other explanation other than module incompatibility then let me know and I can hopefully revisit the board using the same module. Overall performance was very good from the board but since it’s a debut benchmark for us we don’t have anything to compare it to on similar platforms GeForce4 on P4 and i DDR is too wide of the mark!

Therefore you will be able to slow down the memory speed while continuing to increase the FSB of the system. It needs huge FSB and a good job it’s happy doing so.


This is the same chip that you’ll hear time and time iwilk – spend the extra money and get a real sound card.

Log in Don’t have an account? The CPU speed can only haul the performance up so much before the low memory performance drags it back down.

We have iiwill report what we find. If you don’t upgrade very often or have the chance to test hardware you might not appreciate the little things but they are certainly welcome.

May 28, Posts: A quick rundown of the test system before we have a discussion about the test results and then the results themselves. Some locations are hotter then others. What was the best tech product of ?

Zp333 Dec 30, 1: Upon receiving and testing the board we were very impressed by what the board offers us. Here you can see that Sandra thinks the controller is being run at MHz. IWill has always seemed to take pride in their boards, and equip them with much higher quality sound chipsets, and for this we are glad.