The iZ3D 3D monitor solution includes: For one th of a second, the right lens is clear and the left is black, and for the next th of a second, the right lens is black and the left is clear. This flashing, while really fast and mostly not noticeable, can bother some people though this is nowhere near the problem it was for slower 60Hz glasses and significantly reduces the brightness of the display. Then, with the push of a button, users can put on a pair of 3D-glasses and immerse themselves into a favorite off-the-shelf game in stunning 3D. Battlefield Bad Company 2 sometimes starts with a white screen. Fixed DX9 interfaces for: However, don’t expect the holy grail just yet!

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The iZ3D monitor has the capability of polarizing light at any angle, and the glasses they use have the right lens set at 45 degrees and the left lens set at degrees.

On the other hand iZ3D makes use of a whole other technology to build its monitors in a way to display stereo images. Hot Pursuit — fixed problem where shadow from objects were covering huge areas. But you may get 24hz double wide input with hz output frame iz3 One time with the left eye pixels blacked out. These filters allow light to pass through if they are lined up, but completely block light that is at a 90 degree angle to the direction of the filter.


Then, with the push of a button, users can put on a pair of 3D-glasses and immerse themselves into iz3 favorite off-the-shelf game in stunning 3D.

Show comments 7 Add comment. Immersed videogames gaming esports https: What makes this revision unique is it has been released in two flavours. Another time with the right eye pixels blacked out. However, don’t expect the holy grail just yet!

I disagree about it looking bad. Their drivers can enable stereo viewing on any PC through anaglyph the red and blue tinted images we are all familiar with in addition to working with various other technologies like stereo projectors. From around the web.

In low contrast situations where images are made of similar colors, the iZ3D solution is superior in effect Call of Duty and FarCry 2 are good examples.

Sony’s portable projector tech displays perfect images on curved surfaces. No, create an account now.

Stereo 3D on ATI non Iz3D

Assault on Dark Athena. We really want pervasive, great looking stereoscopic gaming, but it seems we’re going to have to wait a little while longer as no one is offering a holy grail solution GenClaymoreMay 13, They have a driver for hz sequential output They have a driver for 60hz checkerboard output They have a driver for 60hz interleaved output They have a driver for dual 60hz twin display output for using two projectors, one per eye etc, etc, etc This also requires NVIDIA’s glasses to have a battery and be highly synchronized with the display via a wireless transmitter.


The input to the rz is a hz stream of images, time-interleaved left and right views. Latest Files Vireio Perception 4.

According to iZ3D, this isn’t really intended as a final product. Well, not exactly – but no matter. Medieval may hang when levels are loading.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about what iZ3D is actually doing to achieve their stereo effect. The Right eye frames are 45 degree polarized 90 degrees apart. NVIDIA has made this very compact, but it is still tough to fit over regular glasses for those who need this.

So any chances that at least till I will be able to play on ATI with shutter glasses cause I actually do have a Hz monitor waiting to show it’s full potential? Immersed starts on Thursday! Hello, I’m new here and this is my first post.

Stereoscopic 3D Monitor From iZ3D: Passive Glasses and Polarized Screens

The TV flashes each frame two times. The last issue we’d like to mention is the fact that the monitor is hugely reflective. Through this feedback we became concerned with a small percentage of people who saw two variations of color through our partially elliptical polarized glasses,” said Thomas Striegler, CEO iZ3D Inc.