I’m fighting with this problem for several days and I has not been able to solve it. Go to original post. Let me explain better why JTDS is not working with your config. I am trying to move from JBoss 6 to JBoss 7 and am running into a few difficulties. I was trying to configure a datasource in the application server to connect to database, using JTDS drivers. I have found a work around at least for now. Sign up using Facebook.

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Email Required, but never shown. Rasmus was correct in his assessment that I had jbsos jar and module. My guess it that the base problem was that the jtds module.

I followed a kind of amalgam between the instructions found here and here. Apparently the JDBC driver in JBoss has to be installed as a “module” in the server which is unfortunate as it decreases my options in terms of scripting and cannot be captured in source control.

AS 7 datasource using MSSQL (SQL Server) |JBoss Developer

The element for the h2 driver was already there, I just added the one about the sybasejtds driver. I could obviously have just elected to define the datasource directly in the XML file however, the GUIs option to test the connection is nice. You can checkout this jtsd project of mine for a solution implementing what is described here. See Question with no answers, but issue jtsd in the comments or extended in chat The OP wrote: If I try to add “driver-name” it I get a parse error.


Thank you all, Luca. I did discover that the JTDS module has not been able to create the.

There is an answer in SO that asserts that it’s possible to define datasources in a standard container-agnostic way, but when I tried to implement that solution I failed. Dolfiz 2 3 Should I use the latest one as server name in the connection string? Please enter a title. I don’t know if that made any difference or not. Forums Downloads Projects Buzz.

Go to original post.

Setup MSSQL datasource on Jboss AS 7 using jTDS

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. So, the problem should be that I’m not using the proper database name.

I’ll have a look if it is possible to have an exception easier to read and understand. The definition of the datasource resulted in further changes in file EAP I added the dependency in my ivy.

I agree with you that in this case the error is misleading. It is the module name net. The application server starts correctly but when I tried to test the datasource through the admin console it spools out the following error:. This content has been marked as final.


BTW have you taken a look to http: Hoping it helps to give you a clear idea of what is happening. Happy you find a workaround.

Jboas remaining levels are taken from the package structure inside the driver’s JAR all the way to the sub-package where the JDBC driver class is defined.

Answered in comments and edits.

That will help isolate the issue. You have to deploy it as module and you have to specify driver-class in standalone. I finally got back to working on this.