The Babylon 5 television series describes jump drives as a way to jump to hyperspace through a jumpgate. While Lanthanum and Zuchai Crystals are common to most starships , some races have experimented with other strategic materials. Entry into Jump Space has a diameter constraint of a gravity well. You can choose to synchronize them to the device, a computer, or bi-directionally. Exit from Jump Space has a diameter constraint of a gravity well. Not purely Euclidean in nature. There are two other sources of energy sufficient to power the jump drive:

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The JumpDrive Traveler is excellent for file synchronization. Most conventional jump drives rely on the rare earth element Lanthanum.

Lexar JumpDrive Traveler USB Flash Drive (1 GB) Overview – CNET

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Review Sections Review Specs. The Stargate film and television series utilizes two different types of jump drive.

This is convenient for those who intend to always use Outlook Express with their JumpDrive, as there is no facility for synchronizing mail between the device and another PC. There is a variable amount of time required between jumps to recharge the energy for jumping. Cases of field overlap interference have been known to result in direction error, range error, system damage, or ship destruction, and is advised against.


Sounds great but lacks vision. Retrieved from ” https: The Lexar JumpDrive Traveler and its software are a step in the right direction. A hole on the end of the drive is large enough to accommodate a keyring. Jump drives often require significant power and many universes require time to “re-energize” the jump drive after a jump, thereby limiting the frequency at which jumps can be executed.

If used for too long the ships may become lost in jump space due to the constant change in physical characteristics. Act like your business depends on them Backups: Fermi paradox Grandfather paradox Time travel.

Jump Drive

Starships remain in jump space for roughly a week no matter the distance traversed by the jump. Others, such as the Wing Commander series, only allow transit from one jump point to a corresponding exit point which may or may not allow travel in the opposite direction.

The Traveller role playing game by Game Designers’ Workshop, first edition in uses something called “jump drives”, but they’re actually a kind of hyperdrivewith ships using it traveling through “jump space” the game’s term for hyperspace for about a week, regardless of distance travelled, before re-emerging into normal space.

It can store your Outlook Express e-mail and access it wherever you are through its interface. Higher rated jump drives require much larger fuel supplies. You can choose to synchronize them to the device, a computer, or bi-directionally.


Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Content is available traveldr Traveller Copyright. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. A jump drive is a speculative jumpdriv of traveling faster than light FTL in science fiction.

It is worth noting that with ZTT, momentum is conserved, so a ship might spend days synchronizing its normal-space relative velocity with its destination before or after jumpdrivee – a concept first used in E.

Several jumps are needed, because farther triangulations require more time to calculate, therefore a journey across the galaxy may take a few centuries to calculate all at once.

It is not a safe practice, as the emergence point tends to have other ships approaching it for intended use; therefore emergence at speed is known to have resulted in fatal mishaps, and is therefore a serious violation of civil navigation codes with stiff penalties. Comics Magazines Novels Publishers Short stories.

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