Digital signal processing in real-time 20 predefined filters or user-defined Real-time feedback control with PID algorithm Further information …. Freely combine your individal set of functions or contact us so we can help you choose the right modules. We will make every effort to work out these details on an as needed basis. Email me with a specific request. Visit my gallery at ArchipelagoGlass.

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The solution is, to transfer the time-critical code into a DLL, which will be loaded directly into the real-time context at the kernel level. Nevertheless Kithara RealTime Suite supports various kitharra, for example a. Our qualified Support-Team provides you with the best possible solution for integrating the software into your project and our development support also assists you with questions beyond the software. This custom driver gives you highest possible flexibility and has the following features:.

These knobs are also kituara for effects pedals or other uses.

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These will give your guitar a unique and vibrant accent not available with standard knobs. Contact us if you have other needs. Digital signal processing in real-time 20 predefined filters or user-defined Real-time feedback control with PID algorithm Further information ….

Please contact me if you have any problems with your order. Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can’t accept returns for:.

Real-time data storage in Wireshark-compatible PCAPng format Retrieving of data sets such as measurement data or image data for later analysis Further information …. These handmade knobs are fused here in my Michigan studio using hand turned Gabon Ebony and Bloodwood as shown.


Real-time capability can only be achieved on the kernel level. The software provides immediate accessibility with program frameworks for programming languages as well as compilers listed below. Real-time data storage in Measurement Data Format MDF Evaluation of recorded and calculated data for post-measurement analysis or storage Further information …. Accepts Etsy gift cards.

Monitoring the system time in different time and user-specific formats, resolution up to 0. We will make every effort to work out these details on an as needed basis. Kithara RealTime Suite supports a vustom range of hardware and software combinations.

This step is provided by the software. Modules can be freely combined depending on individual requirements.

These knobs are finished with multiple coats of Linseed Oil and shellac and hand polished to a silky shine. For this purpose a programming language is required that is able to generate native x86 or x64 machine code, e. Kithxra of hardware interrupts at the application or kernel level Use of the operating system mechanisms for interrupt processing By using the RealTime Modules interrupts of PCI or PCIe Hardware can be processed Further information ….

Each knob is drilled to fit standard guitar pots and includes a hex head set screw for insuring a reliable fit on all modern guitars. Programming of highly accurate real-time timers by the highest system priority Max programmable frequency higher than 20 kHz, Jitter in the microsecond range Further information ….


Supports the following operating systems: Instantly usable program frameworks for the platforms mentioned above are part of every software delivery. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just return the item s to us in the original condition within 30 days.

Kithara RealTime Suite

Kithara RealTime Suite currently consists of more than 20 different modules. There is a countersunk relief in the base to accommodate guitar pot nuts and insure a tight fit against the guitar body. The hardware-dependent and time-critical code is transferred to a DLL, which is then loaded directly into the real-time context. If you have further questions regarding the system customm, please contact us!

Set of 4 Ebony and Bloodwood Guitar Knobs (13/16 dia x 9/16h)

Serial communication in real-time by special hardware drivers on UART compatible hardware Signal and handshake lines can be controlled directly Handler for all interface events in real-time Alternative API for all Windows-based COM ports provided without real-time Further information ….

As a guitar builder, player and glass artist, I’ve decided to combine these interests by making small batches of these unique knobs in my glass studio both for my own use and by other luthiers.

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