Jose Antonio- all links aren’t working now.. I am currently using another computer to post this. Just double click the appropriate one and you should be up and running. I installed it on Windows XP not my machine and it functioned. I have also uninstalled the device ‘network adapter’ on device manager, and then ‘install’ed it, while trying to point windows into the correct directory where the device should be, and it is telling me that there is nothing that it can read.. And look at the label, it stated ” KY-RS “. But I would rather recommend to use a supported network adapter or at least use a tiny linux system like IPCop in VirtualBox instead of abusing Windows XP for your needs.

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So I suggest to a have the adapter swapped at the store with one working on 64 bit Windows editions. Thought I’d share, since so many people seem to be having trouble with this. But they does not solve my problem for Windows 7 Ultimate bit Hi Rene, wineows this is a USB 1.

I have a USB 2. There is not 64bit available for this adaptor.

Ky-Rs Usb Lan Driver For Windows 7 – Download Drivers

According to store, that product would support Windows 7 and I believed on that. Virus Problem, Please Help. It has more than one name, but someone ky-gs9600 a common name on Internet: I have the installation software which came with the device, and have installed the software onto the computer, but it is still not working.


And why is that? It is one of that Chinese so cheap generic devices; Manufacturer site on Internet does not exist; It has more than one name, but someone posted a common name on Internet: I’m not winrows experienced Linux user, so please, how to share ethernet connection on, for example, a Slackware distro?

I assume you are using a laptop, since in a desktop computer a PCI adapter would be a better solution. Current Temperatures Take II. But I would rather recommend to use a supported network adapter or at least use a tiny linux system like IPCop in VirtualBox instead of abusing Windows XP for your needs.

Do you think you could possibly email me also. Thanking you in advance Fahema. Can anyone help, please? What is the next step after installing the driver? At least the Linux driver dm lists the vendor and device id you mentioned in the source: Allowing internet access to to host system will work if you set up the virtual machine to use host-only or bridged networking not the default NAT and enable the Internet Connection Sharing feature of Windows XP: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Steve King saking live.

When I try to detect drivers for it, Windows detects as an unknown Network Adapter. Buy a wireless adapter that has some support.

SKIP You can try to upload the file to https: It cannot find it automatically as well. The light on the device hasn’t been flashing red Which shows it’s actively travelling data.

KY-RS9600 Device problem

Also, it is possible to share the Internet from the virtual machine to the real one my? So here I am: As it turns out, the CD provided by the seller does have the correct driver, but your site got me going before I discovered that.

I downloaded and installed the Davicom drivers for Win 7 that Gurken Papst mentioned. You can also try to plug it on ky-rs9600 usb port. Sign up using Facebook. Bram 3 I’m also looking for that driver and ran into the same problem when I clicked on that link you gave.