Crazy that there isn’t one included by default. There’s only one command you have to run on your phone [I did it using Terminal Emulator app]: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The first user land process started after the Android device booting is the init process. Now it shows correctly in adb. Then attach your device to a host, then your device should show a pop-up; you only need to confirm you trust this host. This was the issue with mine, hope it helps someone.

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There are many solutions that one should be able to follow for rooting the said device. Manage Apps on Android. Otherwise, install the Android USB drivers for your device from the manufacturer site. I upgraded to the latest SDK I had 1.

Android Rooting Using ADB

I use “adb devices” to get following result. Beginning from Android 4.

This is very likely the problem I’m having as it only started when I upgraded to 4. Because I was thinking of throwing the damn thing out the window. So, you may change the guard to fit your requirements or device. Next, look at the fork loop:.


It is suitable for all Android-powered devices with the version 2. I don’t ever remember such a stupid issue taking so endlessly long to uncover. The client in question didn’t want to install the whole SDK because of perceived bloat: Are you a developer? Aeb first, enable the USB Debugging on your device.

I’ve searched about this problem, but there simply isn’t a solution in entire Google’s database. I just became fed up after two days of suffering. Then attach your device to a host, adbb your device should show a pop-up; you only need to confirm you trust this host. Usually, if the device is not a development device and it is not an emulator, the properties have such values:.

To complete the previous answers, another possible solution is to change the USB socket in which your cable is plugged in.

This is the complete command session I did: For me with Android 4. Thank you for the great write up though. Check that the ADB version that you are running is newer than the version of the OS on the connected devices.

[HOW TO] Root Motorola Defy | Motorola Defy

Many people reported z4root to work, but somehow it didn’t work for me: Like a standard Linux shell, it allows you to interact with the device by executing commands from the shell. First of all, download and install the Android SDK.


I want to use this rageagainstthecage root approach because Adg can see the exploit source, I’m a little nervous about using something in my personal phone that I don’t know what it does an explanation about rageagainstthecageand a compact explanation XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

Well, at least this will help people know what’s going on in the background for achieving ROOT hehe.

Android Rooting Using ADB

These are the steps I took to remedy the situation: Even without using the exploit, just doing adb kill-server and adb start-servermy cell phone isn’t shown anymore on adb devicesthus receiving error: Step 4 It will take a while for getting root process,your Motorola Defy mobile phone root success.

One of them is TunesGo Wondershare. Didn’t work for me, sorry.