The Software Key detected has a dongle serial number that is not in the required range. The user has typed in the update code correctly h Use one of the constants defined. Error This error can occur if you are using Linux and have not run the “inst” script. Cannot open file containing update code. There was an error communicating with the dongle. For example, you can use SourceGuardian to do this.

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Error We cannot obtain a Machine ID for this dongel – please run DinkeyChange on this machine and generate diagnostic information and send it to Please view our sample code for examples on how Discover website access control using SmartSign. We have strong anti-debug code, a hallmark of all our software protection systems.

Using Dinkey Pro/FD with PHP

This error was returned and no ex The most likely cause is that the customer has already updated Tried to specify too many network users. The data you want to read or write from the dongle does not sta Please record the extended error code for more information.


Error Program giving error: Dongles connected to a network server and used to protect multiple copies of your software on the same network. If the Update Code has been entered manually then it has been entered incorrectly.

Error communicating between client program and ddnet server. Dinkey Pro and Dinkey FD. This is a requirement for DinkeyRemoteCmd. On-dongle Encryption The Plus and Net model dongles can be used to encrypt or decrypt data you pass to them.

Trying to read or write beyond the end of the dongle data area. You can specify the serial numbers that you want when placing an order. Please check access rights to this directory and all subdirect This error means there is a mismatch between the data in the dongle and your protected software. Click here for a list of supported languages.

Error communicating with Mac drivers – please check that they have been installed correctly. The Plus and Net model dongles can be used to encrypt or decrypt data you pass to them.


Microcosm – The Software Protection Experts

Micocosm program has not been protected by DDAdd. This error can occur under the following circum Please contact Microcosm with the extended error code DDLook can give this information if your pr Please list directories and try again.

There was a problem reading the hidden. This could be happening because a Create a new Software Key, making sure that the product code that Error The machine detected is different to the machine that the dongle was locked to. The most likely caus The dongle detected belongs to another company does not have the required SDSN.

Error reading file in DinkeyNet path. Error This error means that a subprocess created by a Shell-protected application is not responding.